Ollé Grade III - 1 - Code Lock

Olle III Safe - 1 (18L) with Electronic Lock, is a professional safe conceived to represent a great resistance against burglary attempts and mechanical attacks.

It has been awarded with the Grade III certification for safes and security devices following the UNE EN-1143-1 European norm.

The walls and the door have a thickness of 50 mm with an anti-drilling protection.

The front door is equipped with 8 bolts (Ø 25 mm), two on each side.

Available with Key Lock or Code Lock, both certified by VdS.

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  • Vejl. beløbsgrænser: 200.000 kr. - uden alarm, 600.000 kr. - overvåget alarm og sikring 20-O

Yderligere Information
NavnOllé Grade III - 1 - Code Lock
ModelserieOllé III
FarveChocolate Brown (RAL 8017)
Leveringstid3-5 hverdage
SkabsformFritstående Skab
Egnet tilCash, Våben, Værdier
Vægt - kg130
IndbrudsklasseGRADE III
Indbrudstestet efterEN 1143-1 : Indbrudsbeskyttelse mod mekaniske angreb og termiske værktøjer som skærebrænder mv.
Indbrud TestcenterAENOR
LåsetypeOlle Code Lock
Hylder1 Flytbar hylde
Kapacitet - Liter18
Højde - udvendig (mm)350
Bredde - udvendig (mm)440
Dybde - udvendig (mm)350
Højde - indvendig (mm)250 kr
Bredde - indvendig (mm)340 kr
Dybde - indvendig (mm)205 kr
Dørbolte4-Sidet dørbolte (Ø 25 mm)
HængslerHøjre side
DørkonstruktionSteel (50mm)
VægkonstruktionSteel (50 mm)
FastboltningGulv, Væg

Olle III Safe - 1 (18L) Professional Electronic Lock

Olle III Safe is a series of professional strongbox designed with high tech materials in order to streghten the maximum resistance in case of burglary.

It is a safe with a high level of security that makes it suitable to secure the belongings of a great range of commercial activities and offices but also private homes, where the interior design might play a great part.

Tested and Certified against Burglaries in Grade III

This Ollé safe has been tested and certified in Grade III against burglary attempts, following the European Norm UNE EN-1143-1.

Key Facts

The access door and the walls are 50 mm thick. The whole structure has been built with new light weight materials, feature that guarantees an even stronger insurance against physical attacks.

The front door is secured through an advance locking mechanism made of 8 bolts (Ø 25 mm), two on each side of the door.

The hinges are mounted externally on the right side, offering an opening of 180 degrees, so to make movements easier.

The fixing hardware is included: a M-12 bolt (50kN) to be used through the pre drilled holes on the floor or on the wall.

Lock Options

Olle III is available with:

  •  Double Bit Key Lock, with the following certifications:

    • --klasse 2 by VdS
    • --Class B as for UNE EN 1300
    • --Level BE for a2p

  •  High Security Electronic Lock, with the following certifications:

    • Klasse 2 by VdS
    • Class B as for UNE EN 1300

The Electronic Lock, in addition to its certifications, offers a delayed opening system.

Additional Features

As an optional, it is possible to include an inner safe, called Secreter. This smaller internal strongbox is equipped with its own key, with the purpose of providing a double level of security, for the most precious items.

The standard color is Chocolate Brown (RAL 8017). Upon an extra fee, the producer customize the safe with any of the glossy finishes of the RAL color range, to best match any pre existant interior.

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