Finkey FS - Electronic Fingerprint Lock

Finkey FS is a high security fingerprint lock characterized by its enhanced operating convenience.

This slick practical solution is the finest alternative for companies, retail, businesses, sport clubs or private users who need to secure access to a safe without carrying overloaded bunch of keys or having to reset regularly the lock’s code.

Certified in Class 2 by VdS according to the European norm EN 1300 B, this smart lock has the capacity to record 3 master fingerprints and 97 opening fingers.

Thanks to its smart fingerprint scanner, Finkey FS lock can read fingerprints in spite of small injuries.

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NavnFinkey FS - Electronic Fingerprint Lock
ModelFinkey FS - Electronic Fingerprint Lock
FarveSom på billede
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Antal brugere100
Antal fingeraftryk3 master fingerprints and 97 opening fingers
Statisk strømforbrugapprox. 1 W

Finkey FS – Electronic Fingerprint Lock

Finkey FS is a reliable high security biometric lock which enable 3 master user’s fingerprints to set up up to 97 opening fingers. By opting for a fingerprint authentication for your safe, you will never take the risk to lose your key or forget the code of your lock.

Thanks to the biometric identification, it will no longer be possible to lose security-critical keys or notes.

Certified in Class 2 according to the European Standards EN 1300 A & B

This secure locking device is certified by the German Institution VdS in Class 2 according to the European Norm EN 1300. Hence, this lock can be mounted on a certified safe and fit with the insurance safety requirements.

Key Facts

What characterizes this lock the most is its reliability. Its intelligent self-learning software can operate from a temperature of -20°C to + 85°C and has a resistance to an exposure of 95 % humidity.

Even in case of a power failure, all the data stored remains saved. In order to avoid any misuse of data, only minimum details of the fingerprints are read in.

The Finkey FS lock is equipped of a tamper-resistant line sensor to prevent fingerprint residue or fingerprint copying. In a nutshell, this smart biometric lock is an investment on the future.

Currently, it is the most secure lock that can be mounted on a safe.

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Customer Questions
Safe Locks: What are the lock requirements for each burglary grade?

Safe locks are classified in ascending security classes going from A through D as per EN-1300 Regulation.

Additionally, starting at security grade IV, safes and vaults must contain 2 separate locks and even 3 for grades XI and higher.

The following table attempts to explain the lock requirements that each safe must meet in order to maintain the certification for the EN-1143-1 burglary resistance grade.

Lock Requirements for Burglary Grades

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